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Idaho Falls, ID Drain & Sewer

Do you see wet spots in your backyard despite the lack of rain? Do you find that your drains are slow and that they clog often? Do you want to make sure that your new drain and sewer service is completed correctly? When it comes to taking care of this crucial aspect of your plumbing system, you can rely on our team of expert plumbers. At Advanced Home Services, we spare no effort at making sure that our clients are pleased with our services at all times. From drain & sewer cleaning to pipeline inspection and trenchless sewer line replacement, we can take care of whatever seems to be the issue.

Advanced Home Services provides drain & sewer services in Idaho Falls, ID and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to schedule your next service appointment.

Our Drain & Sewer Service in Idaho Falls, ID

When choosing a plumbing contractor to take care of your Idaho Falls, ID home, you want to hire a company whose reputation speaks for itself, and who backs up what they do with a guarantee. The various drain & sewer line that comprise your wastewater system are incredibly important to your daily comfort and convenience. Here are just a few things that we can do for you.

Drain Repair

No pipe will last indefinitely, not even your sturdy drainpipes. We offer comprehensive drain repair services in the event that your pipes are cracked and leaking, or they have become disconnected. We can have your drains working again in no time at all.

Sewer Cleaning

Your sewer line is one of the most critical parts of your plumbing system. Without it, wastewater would leach directly into the yard leading to environmental issues as well as foul odors. It’s important that you take care of your sewer system with our professional sewer cleaning service.

Drain Cleaning

If you find that your drains are slow or they have clogged completely, then why not breathe new life into your plumbing system with our sewer and drain cleaning service? We’ll make sure that it’s completed correctly and safely so that you don’t have to worry about damaging the pipes.

Pipeline Inspection

We offer comprehensive pipeline inspection services throughout the Idaho Falls, ID area, including the use of video camera technology so that we can see exactly what’s going on inside your drain and sewer system. This is a valuable asset when diagnosing problems.

Hydro Jetting

During the course of their service lives, your drainpipes and sewers endure a fair amount of wear and tear. Hair, soap scum, organic waste and other substances can begin to slow down the flow of wastewater and lead to all sorts of issues. The best way to keep your system clean is with hydro–jetting.

Trenchless Technology

For some time, the prospect of having to replace your sewer line was enough to cause anxiety about ruining the yard, walkway and garden. But with our trenchless technology, you can rest easy knowing that only two small holes on either side of the new line will do the trick. Call Advanced Home Services to learn more about our drain and sewer services in Idaho Falls, ID.


We’re experts in using this useful tool to quickly and safely clean difficult drain clogs. We not only specialize in using the rooter, we also specialize in properly diagnosing the problem ensuring that you will . We can safely utilize this drain cleaning device to clear stubborn clogs while leaving your pipes virtually untouched! This can be a dangerous task if you are not professionally trained, so make sure that you call a professional.

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