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How Do Technicians Determine What’s Wrong with a Furnace?

February 1st, 2016

Homeowners want to know what their technicians are doing when they show up at a home to fix a furnace, and that’s understandable. No homeowner wants to feel like their HVAC technician is taking advantage of the customer’s lack of expertise and charging more than they have to for a part that’s not even broken, or recommending a replacement when it’s not really necessary. Continue Reading

It’s Time for a Midseason Furnace Tune-Up and Inspection

January 25th, 2016

Scheduling annual heating services with a qualified technician can help to improve the state of your heating system so that it operates more efficiently for the upcoming winter season. That’s part of why technicians usually recommend furnace maintenance visits in the fall, and because the service includes an inspection to check for safety and performance issues. Continue Reading

4 Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes

January 18th, 2016

When your pipes freeze, you lose the ability to use some of the faucets in your home. But this certainly isn’t the worst consequence of a frozen water pipe. Since water expands when it freezes, the pipe can expand too, no matter how durable the material. And when it does, the pipes can burst, sending water gushing into your home and costing you a lot of money repairing the pipes and any resulting water damage. We’re experts on preventing such costly damages (just check out our local news appearance!). Here’s how you can protect your pipes. Continue Reading

Roots and Drains: What You Need to Know

January 11th, 2016

When something goes wrong with your sewer line, it’s not something you can address on your own. You rely on experts to tell you what’s wrong with the sewer lines underneath your property, and it may be surprising to hear that tree roots have infiltrated your drains! But this issue is far more common than you may think. Find out more below! Continue Reading

What Should You Do If You Smell Gas?

January 4th, 2016

At Advanced Home Services, we are committed to helping families like yours stay comfortable and safe. And this winter, when you’re using your natural gas heating systems, we want to make sure that you know just what to do in case any safety issues come up. If you notice the smell of natural gas in your home (often described as a rotten egg odor), we recommend the following: Continue Reading

Is It Normal for a Water Heater to Make Noises?

December 28th, 2015

Strange noises from an important home system are often the first indications of trouble. But in your water heater, it might not be so unusual. Loud banging noises are common in a hot water heater, and you may not notice any effect on how well the system works. But over a long period of time, the sediment within the tank can build up and reduce the volume within the tank or cause blockages in the pipes. Continue Reading

Schedule Heating Service Before Your Holiday Celebrations!

December 21st, 2015

Are you fed up with a heating system that just does not make your home comfortable enough? Take care of the problem before you host a holiday gathering, and give your guests and family members a celebration to remember! Most heating issues require the attention of a professional technician, and many are open during the holidays, so call a local contractor today! Continue Reading

What to Check before Calling a Professional for Heating Repair

December 14th, 2015

Sometimes, we get calls from residents looking for someone to fix an urgent heating system issue ASAP, even when the problem was actually a simple DIY fix! Most heating system repairs require the expertise of someone with years of experience, training, and licensing. Other times, all you have to do is flip a switch or clean a filter to get your unit back to normal. Here’s what you may want to check on before calling in an expert technician. Continue Reading

What to Do about Frozen Pipes

December 7th, 2015

Water expands when it freezes, and this property is what makes frozen pipes such a potentially expensive problem. Regardless of the durability of your pipes, freezing can potentially cause a pipe to break, resulting in costly repairs and a major hassle for you. Know what to do at the first sign of freezing pipes, and call in an experienced plumber if you find yourself in need of professional assistance. Continue Reading

Drain Problems after a Thanksgiving Day Feast? Try These Solutions

November 30th, 2015

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but problems with your kitchen sink drains seem to be here to stay. Are you struggling to keep your drains in good working order after a successful holiday meal? We’ve got a few tips for you. But if major problems affect your kitchen drains, it’s time to call in a plumber with the right equipment to solve the issue fast. Continue Reading